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Andrew Adams – ARPS Assessment
Natural History – 28th March 2012

The Coastline and shallow tidal lagoons of the Southern most tip of the Al Batina Coastal plain of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, attracts a diverse range of both passage migrant and migrant Herons, Waders and Coastal Seabirds birds during the cooler winter months of the year.

The object of my panel is to document some of the birds that many make this area of tidal lagoons and shallow coastal beaches their temporary home here in Northern Oman.

My personal style is to get as up close and personal with the subjects I photograph and I hope my panel portrays this. All of the images contained in my submission are wild birds.

Andrew Adams.
Greenshank with MolluscRedshank in flightPacific Golden PloverLesser sand Plover in flightBlack-headed gull bathingSwift Tern in flightSiberian Gull scavagingImmature Caspian Gull in flightGrey Heron with Little GrebeIndian Pond Heron spears large fishGlossy IbisSpoonbillWestern Reef Heron (white variant) ruffling plumageWhimbrel oiling plumageGreenshank in flight

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