ARA Photography | About
As you will see my main photographic interest is wildlife and particuarly bird photography. I've been interested in wildlife and photography since I was a child but it's only recently I've been fortunate enough to be able to combine both aspects.

Although I've had an interest in photography for many years it was with the advent of digital and in particular the introduction of the first affordable DSLR, the Canon 300D, that my passion for wildlife photography really took off.

I now shoot exclusively with Canon DLSR's with the 7D and 1D mark IV my main bodies. Lenses cover focal length from 10mm through to 800 mm with the Canon 100-400 L and a Sigma 500 mm prime my most used lenses.

I'm a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the Nature Group of the Royal Photographic Society. In March 2012 I was awarded the Associate Distinction from the RPS.